Dirty Hands, Clean Mind

Begin wedging, feel the softened clay spin, and shape your own pot. It’s a beautiful feeling to create something from your vision. John will guide you with his tools and years of experience.

Clay Class for Beginners

Private in person classes for up to 4

No experience necessary! I have enough wheels for FOUR beginners to get dirty and play with clay. This isn’t just a glazing class, we’ll spin the wheel and get dirty for over THREE hours. We will do every part of the process. You make something unique with wet clay that I will fire in the kiln later, and then you will glaze (paint) something I have made that  is dry and ready for your design ideas. BYOB, & I am happy to share expertise from my craft cocktail  bartending background.

Family Sunday

Bring in the family!

If you want to spend quality time with your kids, while learning a new hobby, this is for you! I’ll spend over 2 hours throwing on the wheel and hand building with you and your family. This class is perfect for adults with children 9-17 y/o for up to 4 people.

Studio Sessions

Private Training

I can come to your studio, or you can join me in mine. These classes are focused on the business of pottery. Studio efficiency, the science of glazing, and kiln strategies.