Nesting Bowl Set


Three piece Nesting Bowl Set. This set is made from stoneware clay and is very durable and these can be really versatile tools for you in your kitchen if you understand what they are capable of… you could chill these bowls and even warm them in the oven or even bake in them if you really wanted. Stoneware clay when fires to high temperatures becomes very strong but make sure to do you homework or shoot me a message if you have more questions!

Use these bowls to mix your batter and eggs or store fruit and veggies right on your counter for people to see. It’s beautiful to have three matching, graduated bowls placed decoratively in your home with food a plenty filling them. They work very well to serve your family and friends so put them to work!

These bowls are listed with an approximate measurement with the largest coming in at:
L. 8.5” diam x 3.5” high
M. 6.5” diam x 2.75” high
S. 5” diam x 2” high

If you are interested in another color please reference my other pots available and message me. Which color you are specifically attracted to the most. I will always do my best to accommodate your specific wishes!